Complete Crossover/ Crossover Companies preparation.

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The course will help you need to pass is your Crossover Criteria Cognitive Aptitude CCAT exam (15-minute exam) and Spoken English Proficiency round at Crossover. 

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Our Crossover Preparation Programs:

We have four Crossover preparation programs. You can select your preparation according to your requirement. 


Crossover Cognitive Aptitude Test + Spoken English Proficiency Test Prep


Crossover Cognitive Aptitude Test Prep


Crossover Spoken English Proficiency Test Prep


Crossover Personal Coaching: Crossover Cognitive Aptitude Test

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Crossover Cognitive Aptitude Test + Spoken English Proficiency Test Prep

Course Rating: 8.7/10

This learning path will help you prepare for 2 Crossover rounds – Cognitive Aptitude ( 15 mins test ) and English Proficiency Test. Access 10 CCAT practice tests and all the questions of the English Proficiency Test – complete study material

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Course 1: Cognitive Aptitude Test overview

Course 2: English Proficiency

Crossover Cognitive Aptitude Test

Course Rating: 8.7/10

This learning path will help you prepare for the Crossover Cognitive Aptitude ( 15 mins test )  Access 10 CCAT practice tests with explanations and details. It consists of 800+ sample questions with step-by-step solution to help you prepare for the exam. Get Complete Study material.

Course Fee

Crossover Cognitive Aptitude Test

Crossover Spoken English Proficiency Prep

Course Rating: 8.7/10

This learning path will help you prepare for the Crossover Spoken English Proficiency Test. You will get all the questions very similar/same as you practice here.

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Course Overview

Crossover Personal Coaching - Cognitive Aptitude Test ( Bonus: CCAT Test Prep + English Proficiency)

Course Rating: 8.7/10

A CCAT Expert will teach you personally all the concepts, and explain how to solve each of the 50 CCAT questions in the quickest time possible. It also includes all CCAT practice tests and a bonus English Proficiency Test material.

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Course Overview

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Did you know?

The average CCAT score of all users is 22 out of 50 ( 44% ). The average Crossover CCAT Score of Zistre Candidates is 44 out of 50 ( 88% ).

Crossover CCAT Test Prep - Everything you need to pass your upcoming CCAT exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Crossover CCAT

Crossover uses CCAT, a congitive aptitude test, to filter applicants. CCAT also called Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test is a cognitive aptitude test used by many employers to assess potential hires. It is a 15-minute test, consisting of 50 questions.

The cutoff score / passing score varies from company to company.

We have observed that the cutoff score usually ranges between 50% ( 25 correct answers ) to usually 80% ( 40 correct answers )

No, there is no negative point for wrong answer.

Usually employers do not allow retakes. But we have observed that some organizations do allow 2nd attempts for some candidates.

Please request your employer / hiring manager if you want to re-take the exam.



Use of calculator is not permitted. You can use pen and notebook for calculations 

The average score across all industries and profiles is 21 ( 42%)

Quick Fact:
The average CCAT score Zistre users is 40 ( 80% )

Candidates cannot skip any question.

Please make an educated guess and move to the next question.

CCAT is considered one of the toughest cognitive exams in the world, used by employers to assess the cognitive level of the potential hires.

The biggest challenge is time.  

No, Zistre is not related to Criteria Corp. All rights related to CCAT and its trademark belongs to original owners.

Zistre help candidates learn, prepare, practice for their upcoming jobs.

About our course

It is a one-time course fee to access the course content. There are NO monthly charges.

Yes, online transactions are completely safe at Zistre. We use International Payment Gateways like PayPal, Razorpay, Stripe 

In case of successful transactions, your course should be immediately available inside your account. Stil, if you are not able to view the course, please write to us:

You will get access to the course content immediately after the payment. Please access your course from the top menu: My Courses tab.

( Please note: My Courses tab will be visible only if you are logged in )

Currently all the practice tests and study material are available online only. As the real test is conducted in an Online environment, we strongly recommend to practice the tests online

Yes, the course access period is lifetime.

Course Review and Feedback.

Peter Collins
Scored 82% | 1 day ago
Read More
According to me the best part about the Practice Test Prep was that I got the questions exactly similar in my real CCAT exam. Thank you guys. As I have given the practice tests multiple times, the real test was really easy for me.
Barry Johnson
Scored 84% | 3 days ago
Read More
I scored 84%. I really appreciate your mentor, Shubham. Thank you
Dolly Olsson
Scored 80% | 9 days ago
Read More
Helped me a lot and gave me the confidence to perform well.
Casper Gump
Scored 86% | 13 days ago
Read More
Listen, without the practice there is NO WAY I would have done as well as I did-period! The practice material was super helpful!
Arvind M.
Scored 90% | 18 days ago
Read More
Totally prepared me for the exam. Well worth the investment.
Cameron Doop
Scored 82% | 24 days ago
Read More
I found the package extremely helpful for a number of reasons. The untimed tests provided comprehensive, easy to understand step by step explanations with different approaches to solving a problem. The timed tests provided a good simulation of the actual test.
Morwenna L.
Scored 84% | 29 days ago
Read More
This test package was extremely helpful! It was great to have the step-by-step version with detailed coaching by question, the timed test version and the immediate test score results.
Gemma Ball
Scored 92% | 1 month ago
Read More
Thank you Neel and Shubham. I really appreciate your efforts. The practice tests were great help.
David Grey
Scored 86% | 1 month ago
Read More
i gave my exam 3 days ago. I wanted to let you guys know that I qualified for the next round. The test went really well.
Andrew W.
Scored 84% | 1 month ago
Read More
I scored 84% I got most of the questions similar to what I have practiced here. I really appreciate your mentor, Shubham. Thank you
Josh Smith
Scored 88% | 2 days ago
Read More
Excellent Prep tool. Diagnostic test was a bit scary, but the practice tests were an accurate reflection of the actual exam.
Helen Hemingway
Scored 86% | 5 days ago
Read More
The prep tests were great and prepared me well for the actual test,
Harriet Cox
Scored 84% | 10 days ago
Read More
The test practice was helpful. If it has been awhile since you have taken this type of test, it is valuable if you have more time to prepare before you take the actual assessment. Unfortunately, I only had one day and really needed more time to prep.
Andrew Snozcumber
Scored 90% | 14 days ago
Read More
I did two aptitude tests for my job interview: the first with no practice; the second after I signed up to this service & practiced. I scored 68% on the 1st, 90% on the second.
Mohammad Yousuf.
Scored 82% | 19 days ago
Read More
Quick way to get your mind into this type of test. Explanations for each question make it easy to understand the logic behind questions. Got the associated interview!!!
Robert Gloop
Scored 78% | 25 days ago
Read More
This assessment pack helped me to prepare for my actual test. This was almost exactly the same as the test I was taking.
Graham T.
Scored 86% | 30 days ago
Read More
The preparation pack was very complete. I succeeded in getting the interview.
Hannah Parker
Scored 84% | 1 month ago
Read More
Found the preparation very helpful for my cognitive test.
Pritam Singh
Scored 82% | 1 month ago
Read More
The test I ended up taking for my employment interview was VERY similar to the practice rounds I had done, and the study guide combined with the test practice helped me feel even more confident when getting my employment tests done. So, thank you! I'd absolutely recommend this service to others.
Jessica W.
Scored 80% | 1 month ago
Read More
Your preparation material is a must to pass the exam! Thank you. I m tension free now - this aptitude round is over.
Abdul Razzak
Scored 80% | 1 month ago
Read More
Passed the test. I never thought I will pass, but the mentorship session helped me and practice tests were good.
Mavis Chen
Scored 80% | 3 days ago
Read More
Thank you. The preparation package was spot on. Exactly similar to the real exam for me.
Dileep Bhatnagar
Scored 88% | 8 days ago
Read More
Well worth it. Made actual test seem easy. I practiced a lot as it's been 10+ years since last took test like these. Test material was very relevant.
Phillip Greenway
Scored 80% | 13 days ago
Read More
After taking one diagnostic test, and with just one day of using the review and practice materials, and three of the practice tests, I took the real test and passed well enough to move on to the next stage of interviews.
Jeff Thomson
Scored 82% | 17 days ago
Read More
Well worth the price to prep for the test. Especially if you haven't taken a test like this recently.
Phil Jonas
Scored 74% | 21 days ago
Read More
I haven’t taken a test in too many years to count. I was able to perform well enough to proceed to the interview stage and there’s no way I could have done it without this practice.
Nadine Jolie
Scored 80% | 27 days ago
Read More
Questions are just like those in the real test.
Joshua Platt
Scored 88% | 1 month ago
Read More
Thank you so much, the practice tests are worth their weight in gold!!
Beth Pitt
Scored 78% | 1 month ago
Read More
Thank you. The real PLI test was exactly similar. Your tests prepared me.
Kevin D.
Scored 78% | Oct 10, 2020
Read More
It would have been difficult to pass without Zistre. Thank you.
Peter Alou
Scored 82% | 1 month ago
Read More
Thanks. I passed my Predictive Index Cognitive round. I was nervous initially but passed the exam! The practice tests helped.
Berry Cornell
Scored 82% | 1 month ago
Read More
Hi, the exam went really good. Thank you. I have qualified for the next round.